Meetings and Events in Puigcerdà

Villa Paulita is an ideal location for more exclusive meetings and events. It has 2 fully equipped meeting rooms for up to 40 people, perfect for meetings, steering committees, presentations, incentives or preparation for any Team Building activity. It has 38 rooms and private car parking.

The restaurant also has space to hold a meeting with projector and food in the room overlooking the lake with inimitable views …

In the hotel gardens you can organize coffee breaks (see the Coffee Break menu), cocktail parties, barbecues and outdoor dining.

The restaurant’s chef offers the opportunity to participate in gastronomic activities and learn about locally sourced produce or take part in a Masterclass!

Puigcerda and La Cerdanya are motivational, beautiful surroundings for all kinds of leadership activities, team building or coaching sessions. Nature facilitates many things and Villa Paulita is surrounded by it!

Some examples are: Fatbikes, gymkhana, ipad quest, treasure hunt, curling in the ice pavilion, skiing, mountain climbing, horse trekking … biking, cultural excursions …

Meeting Room Capacities: